Our services




General and specialised translations in many different fields.

Certified and legalised translations (including official processing and submittal before the Spanish authorities, as necessary).

Interpreting (simultaneous, bilateral and consecutive).

Software localisation.

Web-site localisation.

Transcriptions of video and audio.

Revisions and copy-editing.

Terminology supervision by experts (in Spanish only).

Layout and typesetting in any language.

Linguistic consultancy services.


Translations on general topics (business correspondence, advertising, PR and tourism material, press cuttings and press releases).

Translations on financial and economic topics (balance sheets, annual reports, audits, insurance contracts).

Translating technical texts (engineering, architecture, food industries, plant and machinery,     telecommunications, electricity, automotive, iron and steel, heavy industry and chemicals).

Translating ICT-related texts (software localisation, help files, CD-ROMs, etc).

Projects for Web-site localisation (texts, links, buttons, adaptation of directory structures and graphics).

Translating scientific and research papers (botany and agricultural science, zoology,  astrophysics, environment and renewable energy sources). 

Translating medical, pharmacological and veterinary texts (biology, marketing of medicines and health-care products, pharmaceutical industry, scientific literature on medical subjects).

Legally certified translations carried out by legally certified translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (contracts, articles of association, patents, powers of attorney, expert reports, medical reports, judicial sentences, summonses, notary’s documents, birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates; educational qualifications, medical certificates, etc.).